And so begins a segment I call cocktail/mocktail. I got the idea for father and son drinks after seeing how disappointed B was that he could not have any of the Mai Tai I just mixed up (more on these in another post). He was fascinated by the manufacturing process, and was upset that he missed out on all the fun of pouring, measuring and shaking. So, I figured that if he is going to drive me to drink anyway, he might as well share in the the fun and learn a thing or two. Obviously the mocktails are alcohol free, but that doesn't mean they are not complex, interesting, and more than the sum of their parts. Making a little adventure out of a drink is a unique way to teach your kids to appreciate new flavors and experience the satisfaction of handmade slow food.  So mix a cocktail up for yourself, then help your kids make their own mocktail using the companion recipe. 

Most recipes in this section will require a few simple tools. If you're a parent who enjoys a casual cocktail, you probably have everything you need. If not, l I recommend picking up a nice, quality shaker, a pint glass or mixing glass, and a good jigger. As a last resort, grab your nearest sippy cup, cover the tit with your thumb and shake it like a polaroid picture

On that note, here are two great drinks to kick off the series.