The 12 Days of Cocktails #10 - Tiki Tuesday!

Mele kalikimaka! It’s Tiki Tuesday, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. That’s right, it is Mai tai time. My vote for the all time greatest cocktail, hands down please.  If you don’t like the Mai Tai, you just don’t like things.

While the original is solid and needs no improvement, I do like to tinker with it every now and then in the spirit of creation. Tiki drinks as a category derive their potently memorable flavors not only from exotic flavoring agents, but also from the combination of spirit varieties. A disparate selection of rums will come together in a Mai Tai to create a new, unique flavor profile that is unmatched in any other cocktail. Here’s tonight’s recipe:




Mele kalikimaka Mai Tai

1 oz white rum

1 oz blackstrap rum

1 oz aged rum

½ oz orange curacao

¼ oz orgeat syrup

1 oz lime juice

¾ oz simple syrup


Pour all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake vigourously, strain into a tiki collins filled with crushed ice. Obviously I did not have a tiki collins filled with crushed ice, but that’s life. Enjoy!

I broke open a local bottle of spirit for the occasion: Colonial White Rum, not bad for upstate NY

Yankee Distiller's Colonial Rum

Yankee Distiller's Colonial Rum