The 12 Days of Cocktails #4 – The Fosbury

Ok, now that yestarday’s silliness is behind us we can get back to serious cocktails. Tonight I bring you the Fosbury, a combination of all that is wonderful about cocktails + egg white.

Since this may be your first peek behind the curtain of the bar, let me explain for a hot second. In many pre-prohibition cocktails, egg whites were used to introduce foam and a velvety texture to shaken drinks (peep some history on the Whiskey Sour).

For awhile in the eighties and naughties, when we turned cocktail culture over to Tom Cruise and other scientologists, egg whites were replaced by powedered or otherwise artificial atrocities. Thankfully, hipsters and Rocky saved us, and now raw eggs in shit are ok again. So, enter the ‘flip’ – a loose classification of cocktails that rely on an egg to impart frothy goodness. To ease you into it, here’s a cocktail that is fantastic and can’t hardly be messed up:

The Fosbury

1 ½ oz gin

¾ oz fresh lemon juice

¾ oz simple syrup

¼ oz Genepy des Alpes (or Green Chartreuse)

1 egg white


Add all ingredients to an empty cocktail shaker, shake vigorously. Add ice, shake some more, and strain into a coupe glass.

The Fosbury