The 12 Days of Cocktails #3 - Hawt Chocolate

Hawt tub...

Hawt tub...

Allright, let’s take a little departure from true cocktail creations and have some fun with hot cocoa. While not my original intention, I was totally suckered in by these festive holiday peeps I saw at the grocery store. This clown in front of me bought $125 worth of groceries with a check in the “10 items or less” lane, and I almost lost it staring at all the damn candy and shitty balloons.  A true impulse buy if there ever was one, and completely not paleo. Do not eat.

This evening is a hot cocoa fit for the jolly old elf himself. Remember that bottle of crème de cacao you ponied up for to make the Brnady Alexander? Here it comes again!

Hawt Chocolate

6 oz hot chocolate (see recipe)

1 ½ oz crème de cacao

3 tbsp cinnamon bourbon whipped cream (recipe below)

Prepare hot cocoa, then stir in crème de cacao just before you pour into your mug. Top with the whipped cream, garnish with candy cane or festive holiday peeps if you must. 

*Cinnamon bourbon whipped cream:

Beat ½ pint whipped cream, 3/4 ounce bourbon, 1 tbsp of cinnamon sugar until stiff peaks form.